confusing harmony

People who think too much about several things in life that have nothing to do with the present and easily get out of control, run the risk of confusing themselves by overestimating over a long period of time. This can lead to the situation that it becomes harder to correctly assess various aspects of life, and that these lose their value because one can no longer classify them correctly. Since a person affected is usually not aware of such circumstances, or only becomes aware of them later, a certain indifference can arise, because it is usually easier to understand one’s own mistakes superficially than to try to understand how they came about. As memories inevitably fade over time, it will become more difficult to recognise one’s own mistakes over a longer period of time. One should therefore not suppress too much in life just to move forward, because the ballast remains, even if one should not notice it at first due to the illusion of one’s own strength.


Something can never be stronger than the potentials it contains. This means that a certain illogic can arise that needs to be understood for oneself in order to be able to avoid situations that may harm oneself in life. Logic is often shaped by certain types of imagination, whereby these aim at a certain result and ultimately construct this over a period of time, so to speak. However, this is only possible if the basis of experience is given in order to be able to achieve the goal accordingly. If it turns out that something cannot be achieved in reality, one should rather try to understand what changes can have a positive effect, instead of dwelling on something that cannot be understood in order to justify oneself.