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consideration and situations

Through consideration, one is able to generate knowledge that enables one to act accordingly in various situations based on the experience one has already gained. The tragedy, however, is that you cannot create an effect or change through consideration alone. So in life it is not only important to develop a certain understanding of something, but it is also necessary to try to use it accordingly, or to apply it in a certain way when needed.

past times

Doesn’t the past harbour something mysterious when you try to look at it more closely? In the past, seemingly inevitable aspects of life can be discovered that are capable of influencing our views. Knowledge to which one lacks fragments in order to progress accordingly can also be drawn from the bases of experience which we have already acquired. It is often not absolutely necessary to generate new knowledge in order to understand something better. Conversely, this means that one should not only pay attention to how the present behaves, but also how the present behaves in the future, because then it will belong to the past.

creating life

We are masters in creating things from things we cannot understand. In doing so, we create a vortex of chaos, through which we in turn create our own illusions. That’s why it’s necessary to respect the unknown and not to constantly place yourself above things about which little is known.

strange and understandable

Something strange usually remains strange only until one has succeeded in developing the necessary understanding for it in order to be able to understand it. But it is precisely at this point that one encounters the danger of getting caught in a kind of maelstrom, which is usually created by oneself through the greed of victory over the lack of understanding. It is therefore advantageous, when confronted with strange circumstances, to satisfy the desire to move forward quickly in order to gain further knowledge about something. In retrospect, one can always continue to search for the necessary understanding of something on the basis of expanded knowledge.