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negative situations

If you think too much about something negative, you should be careful not to fall from one trap into the next. Often negative situations develop into a vortex, through which old memories are brought back to life. If you are not careful and do not try to fight against the situation through your environment or your own willpower, you will inevitably find that not every situation finds its balance again by itself. The negative likes to consume itself, which in turn confronts you with an even greater darkness. The longer you wait and let what has happened happen, or allow the influence to continue, the more difficult it may be to find your own positive thoughts again.

past times

Doesn’t the past harbour something mysterious when you try to look at it more closely? In the past, seemingly inevitable aspects of life can be discovered that are capable of influencing our views. Knowledge to which one lacks fragments in order to progress accordingly can also be drawn from the bases of experience which we have already acquired. It is often not absolutely necessary to generate new knowledge in order to understand something better. Conversely, this means that one should not only pay attention to how the present behaves, but also how the present behaves in the future, because then it will belong to the past.

advice & situations

Those who learn to reject the advice of others run the risk over time of not being able to properly assess certain situations due to lack of experience. Life consists of a collective of innumerable interactions which have been brought about by the most diverse backgrounds and thus each has its own wayward effect. The more one relies on one’s own experience, the more difficult it is to accept the opinions of others, as they may change or influence one’s own views. However, one should never forget that one’s own experiences can also be able to help other people, which automatically leads to exchange.

expectations and achievements

One cannot expect to achieve something whose realisation requires some effort without constantly exploring and improving the accumulated expressions of the experiential components that it contains. Since these components influence each other through the experience gained, achieving a goal would be more simple if the situation allows it to get a clear picture of a matter in order to understand it as precisely and clearly as possible. In the long run, this can make it possible to reach an aim more quickly, since one can combine one’s own experience values and thus obtain a pool of experience which under certain circumstances can be helpful to attain the goal more quickly as if one would only rely on external circumstances and conditions.