nature and transformation

The way we humans treat what we perceive as nature today is frightening. Mankind has begun to reshape and shape nature for its own interests, without taking into account that we ourselves come from nature and need it for our own existence. Nature is continuously and simply formulated created by evolution, which over time has resulted in all the biological constructs that we can perceive today. Since we are just as much a part of this evolutionary process as our biological environment, our changes to it always have a retroactive influence on ourselves. Without us being able to perceive it consciously, the changed environment exerts an influence on our own actions. As soon as we humans are confronted with something that has a negative effect on us, we have two options. Either we deal with the matter and try to understand it, or we leave it and cover the issue with our own ignorance. Due to the lack of possibilities to exert our own influence, we are usually left with little more than being confronted again and again with matters that we know are not right, but which we ourselves have no possibility of changing. One could say that the continuous destruction of nature robs us of a part of our own empathy, without us being able to do anything about this.