Those who concentrate too much on themselves in their lives may forget, through the continuous development of their own self-reflection, to perceive the differences that life has to offer in the most complex forms. Life consists of so many characteristics and qualities which one is only able to recognise as soon as one tries to put aside one’s own ideas about certain things in order to be able to perceive what others recognise in them. This would make it possible to better understand changes in their origins and effects instead of only understanding them superficially.

urge for perfection

Beauty and the urge for perfection is something that mostly arises from nature itself and is enabled to develop further in its own quality. However, as soon as nature is confronted with something that restricts its own characteristics, it begins to respond by reducing the use of the existing potentials, which results in a decline in the already developed characteristics. This means that something like perfection cannot arise through the constantly changing circumstances to which one is exposed, since nature is continuously busy reacting to what it is confronted with.

belief and thoughts

The belief in a thing and the thoughts that accompany it can emerge suddenly, but it always needs an appropriate groundwork to be able to manifest itself. This is a special characteristic of certain thoughts, they have to emerge at the right time in order to have the corresponding effect. Whoever does not believe in something will not be able to hold on to certain thoughts because the basis on which they could anchor themselves is not provided.

free yourself

If you move in the same circle for too long, you will inevitably suffer a kind of whiplash at some point. We humans are living beings who tend to experience new things in order to constantly bring ourselves forward and to be able to grow further through what we have experienced. If we constantly expose ourselves to the same, we unintentionally build up our own little cage over time, and without understanding it, it becomes more and more difficult to get out of it by falling into our own indifference.

strange and understandable

Something strange usually remains strange only until one has succeeded in developing the necessary understanding for it in order to be able to understand it. But it is precisely at this point that one encounters the danger of getting caught in a kind of maelstrom, which is usually created by oneself through the greed of victory over the lack of understanding. It is therefore advantageous, when confronted with strange circumstances, to satisfy the desire to move forward quickly in order to gain further knowledge about something. In retrospect, one can always continue to search for the necessary understanding of something on the basis of expanded knowledge.

confusing harmony

People who think too much about several things in life that have nothing to do with the present and easily get out of control, run the risk of confusing themselves by overestimating over a long period of time. This can lead to the situation that it becomes harder to correctly assess various aspects of life, and that these lose their value because one can no longer classify them correctly. Since a person affected is usually not aware of such circumstances, or only becomes aware of them later, a certain indifference can arise, because it is usually easier to understand one’s own mistakes superficially than to try to understand how they came about. As memories inevitably fade over time, it will become more difficult to recognise one’s own mistakes over a longer period of time. One should therefore not suppress too much in life just to move forward, because the ballast remains, even if one should not notice it at first due to the illusion of one’s own strength.


One cannot strive for perfection without losing a part of oneself. Life is full of changes that affect us every day. Once a person decides to change consciously, the views towards various circumstances will also change. You develop new opinions and realise things that may have been hidden from you before. However, those who strive for perfection will inevitably find that life will respond accordingly. It is like a fight against oneself, which is always furthered by external circumstances, for the positive as well as for the negative. The problem is that you cannot simply erase the past. Much remains in memory, even after a long time. If you start to declare your own past as inferior out of your own conviction and the feeling of superiority, then you should better ask yourself what circumstances made you who you are in the first place.