external and internal influences

Why do we humans care so much about external things and so often forget about ourselves? Instead of realising that it is necessary to take care of ourselves, we are too often consumed by the worries of others for whom we feel responsible or in charge, even though we usually are not. Instead of making personal progress, we carry around the baggage of others and end up wondering why we ourselves are not progressing forward as planned.

tricky circumstances

Difficulties arise from time to time through underestimating one’s own potential. If you want to achieve a goal, you will never be able to do so by losing your own strength through your own degradation. As soon as one feels weaker than it would be appropriate for a situation or a purpose, one creates a delusion which represents a kind of one’s own inferiority. This not only makes it more and more difficult to reach the desired goal over a longer period of time, such a situation also eats away at one’s own ideas about the best way and actions to achieve it. Over time, it not only becomes more and more difficult to regain one’s strength, but one also begins to doubt oneself. In the worst case, you lose sight of the goal you wanted to achieve and lose your motivation to move forward.

personal features

Characteristics are something peculiar, they come in the most diverse shapes and forms. Some are more conspicuous, some less so, and yet they all carry an enormous potential for releasing one’s own powers. We carry these personal or characteristic expressions around with us until we begin to change them, if possible. However, caution is advised here, because since we have already carried these characteristics with us for all or a large part of our lives, the effects are correspondingly great when we begin to change them. In life, one should also not be surprised that newly received views can make the old seem dull as well as put it into a gloomy light.

differences of interest

In life, you can’t concentrate on other people’s concerns and try to realise yourself at the same time. Life around us is constantly reacting to our interactions with it, generating new situations, perspectives and experiences. As soon as one begins to use these values to advance the interests of other people, it will be difficult for oneself to generate a corresponding advantage, because one has, so to speak, used up the experiences for others through one’s own way of thinking, which, however, is not directed towards oneself. This makes it possible to strengthen the people around you, but you do not necessarily advance yourself through this, because everyone should be aware that you are always only a part of the life of other people, and that your own views, justified by your own personality, will always deviate from the opinions of other people over time. Through this, differences arise which can end in confrontations if one is not able to accept them.

focus and decisions

It is important and significant in life that you try to learn to focus on what is important to you on your life path. If you are constantly distracted from yourself in life by trying to take care of other people’s problems, you will inevitably find over time that you are not enabling others to give back by letting them take care of you as well. This makes it difficult over time to reveal one’s own self to others. Likewise, one can also be held responsible for bad decisions to which one has contributed by revealing one’s own opinion. It is therefore important in life to find a balance that allows you to respect yourself, but also allows you to support others with your knowledge.

negative situations

If you think too much about something negative, you should be careful not to fall from one trap into the next. Often negative situations develop into a vortex, through which old memories are brought back to life. If you are not careful and do not try to fight against the situation through your environment or your own willpower, you will inevitably find that not every situation finds its balance again by itself. The negative likes to consume itself, which in turn confronts you with an even greater darkness. The longer you wait and let what has happened happen, or allow the influence to continue, the more difficult it may be to find your own positive thoughts again.