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Recognition is something that cannot be acquired within a short period of time. As a rule, one receives recognition over a longer period of time by promoting one’s interests accordingly and developing them further so that a certain respect for the matter itself can develop. As soon as other people are interested in the matter, one will also be able to represent it accordingly to other people. However, everyone should know that recognition does not necessarily have permanent qualities. Those who seek recognition in order to impose it on other people instead of understanding the value of the thing that triggers it run the risk of falling into unhappy times over a long period of time.


We humans tend to forget our own problems just to distract ourselves accordingly. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that our own problems have memories attached to them, which can also be brought up by matters that are apparently not related to the repressed ones. The tragedy is that as long as we don’t try to face up to our issues, new connections are constantly being created subconsciously, because we may have already understood for ourselves that we still have to deal with something in the future. For those who are unable to muster enough willpower to grow out of themselves, it would not hurt to try to come closer to their own worries from time to time instead of continuing to suppress them.


Disappointments are something you can’t completely get rid of in life. One is confronted again and again with facts that do not correspond to one’s own views. This brings with it risks, because unfortunately not everything in life can be influenced. So you have to learn to accept that, also due to your own actions, you will face circumstances that you have to accept in order to move forward. Those who suppress these characteristics and peculiarities of life will continue to encounter negative aspects through constant confrontations with them instead of recognising that life can also continue to bring forth positive aspects in various angles, which may not be recognisable at first glance.