life’s answers

If you love your life, you should act accordingly. Otherwise, life will respond to you accordingly. Life consists of many facets, and depending on which facets we expose ourselves to, they will affect us accordingly. For example acquaintances or personal interests. It is impossible to perform an action in life without that action affecting yourself. Reality simply consists of too many properties which we cannot understand. If we put ourselves in the situation of trying to understand what we simply cannot understand by our own actions, then we can only fail.

answers and questions

In life we often receive answers with which we are not satisfied, this cannot be prevented. Often, however, we receive reasons that help us further if we try to find out why the answer has turned out accordingly. However, those who do not consider it necessary to act accordingly out of their own conviction or arrogance will over time have less and less chance of finding out how situations come about and how they behave. This reduces one’s own possibilities of influence over time because one lacks the idea of the background. In the worst case, one begins to cover up these backgrounds with false facts until one inevitably has to realise that one is wrong, which in turn creates further dissatisfaction. It is always better to learn from mistakes than to see them as something imperfect.

change and habits

Isn’t it amazing and impressive at the same time how it is possible to change oneself through one’s own actions? If you have the urge to change yourself, you could, for example, start by changing your eating habits over time. Through food, various hormones are added to our organism which are generated from the food components and processed by our body. If you can muster enough willpower and begin to change your eating habits accordingly, you will gain new potential to promote change. In simple terms, changes consist of cycles that interlock with each other. Whoever understands how to shape these changes according to his own ideas has the opportunity to gain more control over his own personality.


Those who concentrate too much on themselves in their lives may forget, through the continuous development of their own self-reflection, to perceive the differences that life has to offer in the most complex forms. Life consists of so many characteristics and qualities which one is only able to recognise as soon as one tries to put aside one’s own ideas about certain things in order to be able to perceive what others recognise in them. This would make it possible to better understand changes in their origins and effects instead of only understanding them superficially.

creating life

We are masters in creating things from things we cannot understand. In doing so, we create a vortex of chaos, through which we in turn create our own illusions. That’s why it’s necessary to respect the unknown and not to constantly place yourself above things about which little is known.

tricky circumstances

Difficulties arise from time to time through underestimating one’s own potential. If you want to achieve a goal, you will never be able to do so by losing your own strength through your own degradation. As soon as one feels weaker than it would be appropriate for a situation or a purpose, one creates a delusion which represents a kind of one’s own inferiority. This not only makes it more and more difficult to reach the desired goal over a longer period of time, such a situation also eats away at one’s own ideas about the best way and actions to achieve it. Over time, it not only becomes more and more difficult to regain one’s strength, but one also begins to doubt oneself. In the worst case, you lose sight of the goal you wanted to achieve and lose your motivation to move forward.

time & reality

Could time be seen as a kind of substance that holds the components of reality together? Time cannot be grasped directly. But we can perceive it through the continuous evolution of reality. Life arises from within itself and materials in general change. Apparently, time is somehow anchored in all aspects of reality that we can conceive of. Even matters which we cannot understand yet, because we lack the foundation for it, can be guessed under circumstances with the right experience. And even if not, time allows, through small fragments, or components of it, to conclude something much larger, which is hidden behind the hunch.


Talents are like an energetic stamp, everyone should try to find their own. Talents are of great value and can bring a corresponding advantage, but one should not underestimate the ability to recognise them for one’ s self, or to acquire them accordingly. A talent does not mean that one has to be better than another person. A talent can also be that one knows how to deal with other people in a corresponding situation, or that one is aware of a situation and is able to weigh and evaluate a situation accordingly. To put it mildly, talents are ultimately just pronounced abilities, and abilities are almost limitless in their availability. If one is looking for something new, then one is not badly advised to consider through which personal abilities the greatest joy can be obtained in the future.


If life were simple, evolution could not have created living things. Life itself, seemingly subconsciously for us, is constantly and continuously creating new habitat by making new connections and improvements to what already exists. The further evolution proceeds, the more complex the components of the effects of already existing changes become. Similarly, as we grow older, we gain experience that enables us to perform activities that would not be possible without that experience. The tragic is only that such trains of thought can never develop without the already developed progress of our civilization.

nature and Mankind

Isn’t it literally breathtaking how many components nature consists of and yet how little we know about those? We humans have begun to turn away from nature and stopped trying to understand nature in its elements, perhaps because it does not fit into our complex world view. But here somehow incomprehension arises. How can it be that a normal person in this day and age is not even able to list 10 tree or plant species? It is impossible to develop an interest or responsibility for something as long as you don’t know it. Humans usually tend to treat matters about which we lack the necessary knowledge as insignificant and treat them accordingly. This has enabled humans to make enormous progress in a very short time, but humanity now faces the problem of having to begin to understand what has been forgotten in the past. We humans are as much a part of nature as everything else around us, and we cannot expect to benefit ourselves over a long period of time by continually harming ourselves through our own behaviour.