past times

Doesn’t the past harbour something mysterious when you try to look at it more closely? In the past, seemingly inevitable aspects of life can be discovered that are capable of influencing our views. Knowledge to which one lacks fragments in order to progress accordingly can also be drawn from the bases of experience which we have already acquired. It is often not absolutely necessary to generate new knowledge in order to understand something better. Conversely, this means that one should not only pay attention to how the present behaves, but also how the present behaves in the future, because then it will belong to the past.

lifes ego

If everyone could do everything, there might be less individualism. We live in a time when many people express their own convictions far too often through external facts than through internal values. And individualism arises from one’s own convictions, not from external values. The fact is that nature is infatuated with individualism. Individualism is everywhere. The abstruse is that theoretically nothing is equivalent to another thing anyway. So we are chasing a property, which is anchored in ourselves by nature.

technology & progress

Technology is actually something quite abstruse. Through time alone and the materials available, something has been created that stands somehow between nature and us humans. Technological achievements have made it possible for mankind to create something that would be unattainable for the human mind alone. Since we are bound by the laws of nature, it will never be possible for us to understand the logic of technologies or to apply them comprehensively through our own way of thinking. As living beings, we humans are bound by the laws of nature. Technologies, by nature, are not. There is a great danger in the constant rejection of nature by technologies, because it loses its value through the achievements of man. We humans forget what we are actually capable of as living beings and thus constantly lose our self-esteem. And this without us even being aware of it.


In life, it is of great value to know what responsibilities to give to various areas of life. We are confronted with diverse situations every day with which we interact through our own interactions. Whether this happens unconsciously or consciously is of enormous importance. For those who unconsciously exert influence on something are usually at a disadvantage compared to people who act consciously. On the other side, if you deal with it, and try to understand why something is the way it is, you can gain an advantage by increasing your understanding of certain aspects as a result.


Recognition is something that cannot be acquired within a short period of time. As a rule, one receives recognition over a longer period of time by promoting one’s interests accordingly and developing them further so that a certain respect for the matter itself can develop. As soon as other people are interested in the matter, one will also be able to represent it accordingly to other people. However, everyone should know that recognition does not necessarily have permanent qualities. Those who seek recognition in order to impose it on other people instead of understanding the value of the thing that triggers it run the risk of falling into unhappy times over a long period of time.

advice & situations

Those who learn to reject the advice of others run the risk over time of not being able to properly assess certain situations due to lack of experience. Life consists of a collective of innumerable interactions which have been brought about by the most diverse backgrounds and thus each has its own wayward effect. The more one relies on one’s own experience, the more difficult it is to accept the opinions of others, as they may change or influence one’s own views. However, one should never forget that one’s own experiences can also be able to help other people, which automatically leads to exchange.

blind acceptance

If someone accepts everything unconditionally in life, one will lose oneself as a result over time. The life as we know it lives from decisions and the decisions of the thoughts of us people with which we confront each other. Who always submits to these facts forgets with the time to assert and represent his own will to others, which in turn represents the quintessence of the personality of each person. So it is important to develop your own opinion and attitude towards different matters over time, because if you don’t do that, you will inevitably always have to accept the understanding of other people, even if you don’t like it.


Those who constantly occupy themselves with the same activities inevitably run the risk of falling into a self-generated indifference. We humans tend far too often to occupy ourselves with the same habits out of boredom and a lack of incentive to pursue new interests. If you occupy yourself with a habit over a longer period of time, you will lose the potential to recognise what alternatives are available to you in life as soon as you are prepared to change a little. Every day we get a new period of time that we can shape accordingly. Life is full of possibilities of occupation, but one can only confront oneself with these if one is prepared to give up old habits. It is and remains simply impossible to change without changing.


Memories are like an impression of time which can be covered by time, but cannot be changed instantly by changes in time. This theoretically means that time as we directly experience it consists not only out of the moment, but also through our thoughts about the future and memories from the past. Conversely, it also means that our view of the past and the future will change as we change our life path in the present. This is probably also a theoretical reason why changes often result in new and unexpected opportunities.

feelings & emotions

Feelings and Emotions can easily be misunderstood, they surround us in so many effects whose origin we overlook through the reality we have created for ourselves and through ourselves. Or in other words, by their number of reasons and underlying memories simply can not perceive at all. Since we humans are not aware of this, or can not be aware of it, it is almost impossible to express ourselves clearly within a short time or to get to know each other.