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patience & decisions

You can create the right conditions for something, but that does not mean that reality is in the mood to implement the plan. Time can only be influenced to a certain extent. Without patience, life is definitely more difficult. However, if you recognise the circumstances and realise that it is not yet time for something, you will also find facts that you could not see before, which may even make you reconsider. Often we tend to rush into things, mostly out of fear of losing control of a situation, without thinking about how to proceed if the plan does not turn out as desired. It often doesn’t hurt to think about what will happen if a situation gets out of control, because if you don’t think about it, you leave your goal oriented work to the unknown.


Those who concentrate too much on themselves in their lives may forget, through the continuous development of their own self-reflection, to perceive the differences that life has to offer in the most complex forms. Life consists of so many characteristics and qualities which one is only able to recognise as soon as one tries to put aside one’s own ideas about certain things in order to be able to perceive what others recognise in them. This would make it possible to better understand changes in their origins and effects instead of only understanding them superficially.

tricky circumstances

Difficulties arise from time to time through underestimating one’s own potential. If you want to achieve a goal, you will never be able to do so by losing your own strength through your own degradation. As soon as one feels weaker than it would be appropriate for a situation or a purpose, one creates a delusion which represents a kind of one’s own inferiority. This not only makes it more and more difficult to reach the desired goal over a longer period of time, such a situation also eats away at one’s own ideas about the best way and actions to achieve it. Over time, it not only becomes more and more difficult to regain one’s strength, but one also begins to doubt oneself. In the worst case, you lose sight of the goal you wanted to achieve and lose your motivation to move forward.

belief and thoughts

The belief in a thing and the thoughts that accompany it can emerge suddenly, but it always needs an appropriate groundwork to be able to manifest itself. This is a special characteristic of certain thoughts, they have to emerge at the right time in order to have the corresponding effect. Whoever does not believe in something will not be able to hold on to certain thoughts because the basis on which they could anchor themselves is not provided.

wisdom and life paths

Being in possession of anything that represents something like a guideline in life can develop into a massive advantage. Life and reality are full of potential obstacles that can cause one to stray from one’s own ideas. However, if you have something to hold on to, you are more likely to be able to hold on to your ideas about the future and learn from the impairments themselves so that you can work around and respond to them in the future, if possible. In the end, this enables one to grow beyond one’s own expectations of oneself. The peculiar thing is that through this, the anchoring of what is important to you becomes intensified, because you will always hold on to it in order to get closer to your own goals.


Isn’t it strange how life can behave with something you think you have understood? Situations and thus views change over time, making it necessary to adapt accordingly in order to be able to react to the changes. Those who do not do this run the risk of not being able to assess situations correctly in the future. One could almost say that one’s own arrogance towards the understanding of something, possibly also through the indifference that arises from such arrogance, can develop into one’s own detriment.

urge for perfection

Beauty and the urge for perfection is something that mostly arises from nature itself and is enabled to develop further in its own quality. However, as soon as nature is confronted with something that restricts its own characteristics, it begins to respond by reducing the use of the existing potentials, which results in a decline in the already developed characteristics. This means that something like perfection cannot arise through the constantly changing circumstances to which one is exposed, since nature is continuously busy reacting to what it is confronted with.

fulfil expectations

In life, you cannot fulfil the expectations of different people at the same time without influencing and thus changing yourself. Every person has his or her own character traits which create a corresponding pattern of behaviour. As soon as one wants to impress others by changing one’s behaviour, this has an impact on one’s understanding of different aspects of life. The tragedy is that situations can arise that change you and expectations that you wanted to fulfil may turn into rejection.

consideration and situations

Through consideration, one is able to generate knowledge that enables one to act accordingly in various situations based on the experience one has already gained. The tragedy, however, is that you cannot create an effect or change through consideration alone. So in life it is not only important to develop a certain understanding of something, but it is also necessary to try to use it accordingly, or to apply it in a certain way when needed.

learning through time

Time is constant, and yet it is possible to gain insight into memories from the past through your own thoughts. A memory from the past can thus become a key that you can use in the future, but only if you are willing to learn from your own past. So if you live a positive life, you will inevitably be able to reflect in a good way from your past in the future. This will inevitably give you more opportunities to influence the way you live your life and a higher chance of achieving the desired goal through your own life path.